2021 MNLA Virtual Forum
2021 MNLA Virtual Forum

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2023 Youth Career Initiative/Online Job Fair Sponsorship

This sponsorship includes a job listing on the MNLA online job fair (available all year) as well as the opportunity to participate in the youth luncheon on February 16, 2023 at the in-person Winter Forum.

High schools will be invited to participate in a special program at the Winter Forum on Thursday, February 16, 2023 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This event will have a dedicated educational track & competition and includes a special luncheon for sponsors with students during the MNLA Winter Forum & Trade Show.

Why sponsor the Virtual Forum?

This is a great opportunity to promote your company to thousands of attendees throughout the year!


  • A portion of proceeds go to the MNLA Foundation!
  • Reach a captive audience specific to our industry.
  • Generate new customers for both retail and wholesale products.
  • On average, MNLA.com and virtualforum.mnla.com receive over 66,000 page views annually.
  • A year-long virtual promotion with daily active users versus a two-day only in-person event which generated just over 600 participants.
  • Without the need to travel; we look forward to our program drawing 2 to 3 x more participants.
  • MNLA will advertise the Virtual Forum throughout the year via social media posts and eblasts in addition to a large slider graphic on the MNLA home page and throughout the entire MNLA website (via a rotator ad)
  • Once the cost of travel and the logistics of schedules are freed up more people can attend and engage with the conference content.
  • All demographics appreciate the experience, and satisfaction surveys are showing that older demographics later in their careers enjoy the experience the most.
  • The expenses are much lower, especially once you remove the costs of a venue and food.
  • More attendance leads to more networking connections.
  • And our learning platforms of on demand replays create evergreen revenue opportunities.



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